Real Cabin Fever

If it's going to rain for a week straight, and cabin fever is inevitable, there's no better place to be than a real cabin. Matthew and some of our closest friends helped me celebrate my 31st birthday just north of Atlanta in a rental cabin. While we encountered flooded rivers, power outages, and non-stop showers, we were just happy to be away from our home because it's been almost a year since we slept away from our home (very unusual for a family that loves to travel and has extended family all over the U.S.).  It was probably a blessing in disguise as little Levi wouldn't have made it through a hike, and he probably would have sweat to death with a bonfire.  Thus, we crushed those lemons, and made jumbo, indoor s'mores instead.

 There's something about watching the simplicity of a child enjoying a s'more that makes you forget all your troubles. If only we could all live in the moment as children do. They aren't thinking about the rain, and they certainly are thinking about possible future storms. They are in the here and now... in a constant mode of squeezing those lemons and drinking lemonade. Good, sweet, sugary lemonade. 
Our sweet friends brought their precious Penny. I think she was a bit skeptical of the whole Smith clan. We are one of a kind Penny. 

The rain makes you pause and look at the little things... like Levi's gorgeous eye lashes. How did my boys both manage to get longer eyelashes than their mama? I'm so jealous! He's beautiful! Have I mentioned that I think both my boys are beautiful? I'm sure all mamas think that though.

The entire town of Helen was without power on our way home Sunday, so this was the extent of our stop- a quick tractor ride. 

I can't remember if it was my birthday or my son's. Thanks for letting me share my cake with you Silas!  :D

And thank you for those of you who were praying this week. Levi's eyes finally checked off as mature and 100 percent perfectly developed! Thank you Lord! One less doc to see for a while. He is at greater risk for glasses as a preemie, but I think he'd be even cuter with some near-sighted vision. Also, the hand specialist echoed our therapists prediction. His hand is not a product of any condition; it's simply a "packaging problem." I'd never heard it put that way, but it made me laugh. Sorry Levi. Even with my family in the moving and storage business, you just weren't packaged correctly. We'll check in with the hand doc down the road, but for now, it's simply a matter of therapy to stretch and strengthen what couldn't move in the womb.

Great birthday news all around! 

I hope you are making some lemonade or s'mores this week. Don't think about that future cavity, just enjoy today.

~Cabin Buster