Hurdle to Hilarious

The last week has been a bit rough...

But like anything else, there are little glimpses of Heaven to keep you going in the midst of the hard....
When everyone is exhausted...

Something has to happen to bring the laughter back... He LOVED my water bottle.
After a wonderful weekend, this week has been another hurdle.... Poor Levi has been spitting up a lot more, and we are trying different trouble shooting mechanisms to figure out how to keep his meals down. In the meantime, he got a new g-tube button size to hopefully keep that sucker in place. (The button buddy was my own purchase.) :)
Also, his feet are uber sensitive because he can't bang them around anymore; he is kind of hating his new leg braces. We are hopeful that he'll adjust quickly and be ready for the snow board slopes this winter.
The first and only time he's ever been in the bumbo without anything on his legs to hold him back! Go Levi!

I have a feeling Levi is going to have A LOT to say when he starts talking. He definitely likes to do things in his own way at his own time. Not only did he extubate himself from his breathing tube, once upon a time, but now he's figuring out how to slip out of his leg braces when no one is watching. I wish I could read his thoughts because I think he'd be hilariously rolling his eyes at all of us trying to "fix him" our way.

Instead of resenting my lack of sleep this past week, month.... well maybe it's been closer to a year, God continues to give me strength and energy I didn't know I had with Him and with wonderful coffee. :) Levi did great in therapy today, and I was reminded at how blessed we all are when a sweet mama came in with her two boys. Her youngest (like me) was there for therapy, and I noticed that he only had two fingers on one hand and barely two fingers on the other. How quickly we worry about simple things like talking and walking at the correct age when others will never even pause at such hurdles.

Thank you Jesus for getting us through some minor hurdles this week and using hilarious moments to keep us smiling.

Don't worry buddy, it's just like a really big water bottle.

~Hurdle Buster