Needed Reminder

Exactly three years ago when I was first pregnant with Silas, and we thought we lost him, I stared directly into the face of a woman with fragile faith. While I believe that same woman has been strengthened through her trials of late, like a child, she needs to be reminded of God's goodness, and she needs to recover some of those timeless lessons.
There's a story in the Bible about Jesus "calming the storm." While aboard a ship with his disciples, the sovereign King falls peacefully asleep. His trusted companions soon panic during a raging storm. Calling to Jesus, they cry for help. "Doesn't [He] care that we may drown?" They question. Jesus responds with simplicity, "Why do you have such little faith?" The disciples obviously knew that their Savior could bring thunder and lightening to a halt, hence their plea, but their fear, control, and vision of how things should happen caused them to doubt Christ's motivation. While I knew God could save our pregnancy three years ago, I immediately assumed the worst and didn't trust all the goodness that could come from a difficult situation. Even though many believe in a powerful God, few hold that He has something better in store during tragedy or trial. Trying to prepare for a "worse-case scenario" and color coding it a "possible required lesson" is simply a lack of faith. There are those situations, like the story of the man born blind, that occur simply for God's glory to shine beyond human reach. Yet there are other times when we must blindly proclaim in faith that God has something even better in store. I confess that I've been unconsciously preparing for the worst again, knowing God can bring good out of bad and finding pride in my ability to accept and welcome hardships for their product of growth. Then again, I am neglecting to acknowledge that God has only goodness planned for those who love Him, no matter the rocky path that leads them there. Thus, I will never stop reading my Bible because I  never stop learning from it's timeless wisdom. We are just too good at rationalizing, controlling, and veering off path to live apart from God.

Here's some other things I don't want to forget:

Even with his weakness, I was able to make Levi laugh for the first time this week. It was slight, faint, and unforgettable!

Even with his tiny stature, Levi has the ability to outsmart any and every brand of diapers. I think every thing he owns has been stained with his bowels. (Thank goodness I don't care about his clothes!) One time his diaper was secured and he managed to get poop everywhere except his diaper. I was beyond impressed. Another time, he decided to rain down number two all over the pants and floor of his feeding therapist. It was literally like an avalanche. Let's just say he made a name for himself at our rehab facility (a name no one wants). Somewhere in his little brain, I believe he is laughing at all of us and getting us back for not leaving him alone.

Even though he still won't suck on a pacifier or take anything by mouth, Levi doesn't mind making out with any and every stuffed animal. Should I be concerned? 

Case in point.

No matter the weather, Levi sweats. Little man gets lots of compliments on all his traveling fans.

It's amazing to watch him get stronger!

I think that giraffe is his new BFF.

Picasso here hasn't minded all the seasonal rain one bit.

I'm loving having a mantle this year.! Now I just need to make.... well let's be real, this year I may buy a GIVE THANKS banner for the window. I am so thankful for Fall!

~Mindful Buster