We are called to "Give Thanks" in all circumstances, which includes hand foot mouth virus, which I think should be called hand, foot, mouth, and body because it appears in many other places as well. After a "health advisory" email Monday morning from Silas' PMO class, I was notified that in his tiny Friday morning classroom, a child had unknowingly come to school with HFM. I was not familiar with the condition, but that soon changed. The fever started literally hours after I read the email. Fortunately, it seems to be running it's course quickly, and so far no one else is getting any symptoms. (Please pray for our little Levi!) While itchy and fussy best describes Silas at the beginning, middle, and end of the day, he also quickly forgets he's "sick," so we are giving thanks to quiet moments at home together. Sweet, snugly moments should always be on the gratitude list.

We have also been a bit disappointed with the "home nurse care" we've graciously received once a week. Let's just say it's been more of a hindrance than a help. And there's been weeks I've simply declined the help. Luckily, a supervisor we've seen several times came to watch Levi Saturday, so we could enjoy a fall day with Silas.

If you've never been to Cagle Farms, I highly recommend it. What a wonderful surprise we found simply by driving close to our house using google maps! Thank you Siri for finding our new fall pumpkin farm!
Pony rides, animal feeding, haystack jumpers, tractor rides, pig races, cow milking, sheep herding... you name it, they had it. Inexpensive, low-key, and awesome.  Maybe it was more awesome because I was so thankful that we got out that day. Levi's g-tube came out the night before AGAIN!

We aren't sure why just yet, but because Levi's g-tube is having so many issues, we are scheduled to have a "re-sizing" of his G button on Monday morning. Also, he's been spitting up a lot more, so they may need to take an x-ray at a later date to check if his "Fundoplication" is still in tact in his upper GI track. :(  Nothing huge, but just watching him closer.

Levi also gets his casts off Monday! I can't wait to give him his first real bath!!! Although I have a feeling he will think otherwise, being seven months old and not particularly liking sponge baths is not going to make for a very joyful event I'm afraid.

It will probably go something like Silas's first trip to the dentist. We had a couple of questions about his teeth, so we decided to go a bit before his third birthday. He was okay with it for a few minutes, but then it was a bit of a struggle. 

Mommy sat in the dentist chair too! Looks like a workshop, but that's just the decorative wall paintings.
Even with canceled therapy, Levi is working on it himself this week! You are awesome big man! (This was pre- HFM by the way!)
Some fun fall home-bound activities.
Thanks to HFM, Silas took his first morning nap in a year!
Please pray for these boys this week and next. Pray that Silas gets better quick, and Levi escapes HFM. Also, please pray for Levi with his GI unknown irritability. I hate wondering if I'm about to perform a medical procedure at any moment. Also, for his new boot sizing Monday after the casts come off!

Thankful for my sweet boys. This should be their "monthly pics." 7 months and 30 months. ;) 

~Hand, Foot, Mouth, Legs, Bottom, Wrists, Arms, Body  BUSTER