Real Life

Silas seems to have some issues with the cold texture of ice cream. What a crazy kid!

He has no issues with the texture of applesauce and cottage cheese (anyone who knows me probably knows that Silas developed this love when he was in the womb!)

We got my family piano last week! It's a little out of tune, but I think he's going to be a natural.

Every time Silas has to wait for me to warm up his dinner this happens. It's like he's saying "WHY? Why do we have to learn patience in life?!"

"Please!  Can I please just have what I want when I want it!?"

" I don't understand this waiting. And why are you taking my picture right now!?"

"I can't believe the 60 seconds isn't up yet! I can't take it anymore!"

Every so often it's fun to eat dinner under a homemade tent and watch a little TV

No matter how big we get, the fetal position still provides comfort.

Silas' first passport pic was "too smilely." The guy said he couldn't squint. So instead Silas looks like a baby terrorist, but I'm pretty pumped that we will be heading to Spain in a month!