Celebration of His Goodness

Matthew and I have not been away together for more than a dinner and movie without Silas since before our little man was born. We don't have much family around, and it always seemed easy to bring our first born with us wherever we ventured this past year. Needless to say, our anniversary was a great excuse to get away for the first time. Thank you to Grandma Marsha for coming in town so that we could spend a couple nights at the lake. It was so nice and relaxing! But it really made me think about what we are celebrating when we have an anniversary. Are we just celebrating us? Here's to you and me. We are awesome! Seems pretty standard a response in our culture. 
But really... after waking up at 7:00 am on Saturday with this gorgeous view (since my body has woken no later in over a year), I had some time to process the past three years of marriage with my amazing husband and the past decade with him in my life. We most definitely would not be married, let alone married with abundant joy if it were not for God. The only reason we are together is because God is in the business of redemption. The only reason we are truly in Love is because God loved us enough in the first place. The only reason we can make it through the day-to-day and still look at each other with utter adoration is because we both look to God first. We are not a perfect couple, and thank goodness we know that now. 
Instead of toasting to our amazing life together, I lift my imaginary glass to my heavenly Father who's power and goodness are indescribable. What an amazing work of art He designed in our family. Bumps, bruises, and scars that look as if they are pure gold, diamond, and rubies on the tapestry of our life. Thank you God for my amazing husband! Here's to You!

I will say that we ate well this past weekend. I love me some morning chocolate crepes along side of lots of dark, black coffee. mmmmm...
Another bonus of not having a baby... I can eat sushi again! Loved every raw bite.
Thanks to my parents for providing such a great ride. Minus the pollen, it was the perfect day.
I love you Matthew Taylor Smith. Thank you for taking this journey with me! 
If I weren't so crazy and my hubby weren't so weird, it just wouldn't be so much fun. Happy 3 years!