Toe biting and boat riding

Silas loves to suck on his big toe because I squeal with humorous disgust now that he's walking all over the place. I caught him smirking at himself during his nap when he popped that foot into his mouth. I caught you big man.
Who needs toys when you can have a stick fight with daddy?
An impromptu work lunch with daddy makes every day better.
Memorial Day lake attire! This hat has three versatile settings. No buttons, one button (seen here), or two "Ausie" style buttons (wish I had a pic it was adorable). I think every kid looks cute in any kind of hat though.
T-Pop and Si man just taking the boat for a ride.
I love watching Silas experience things for the "first" time over and over again. Each year some of the same experiences are completely different. It was a great weekend!

Also, a huge hug of gratitude to anyone and everyone that fights for the amazing freedoms we share in this county. Happy Memorial Day!

~Boat Buster