Thirteen again

Finally got my student teaching placement! I will be starting tomorrow morning at Simpson Middle School.
I'm so pumped to get right there in the hormonal, body odored, confused, and cognitively developing action. Say a prayer that I can really be used in these kids lives, and that I stay on top of my nightly grad work while waking up early for life as a thirteen year old again--- I wouldn't go back to 7th grade for anything!

Also, as your true Coffee CubBuster, I threw together the best little Frappe beverage the other day. There was some left over coffee in the pot which was obviously cold. Soooo, I decided to invent a quick frothy treat. Since this was a quick invention, I didn't have time to actually measure stuff out. Here's what I think it amounted to:

4 cups of cold coffee
2 cups of ice
2 cups of milk
1/4 a cup of chocolate syrup
1 cup of cool whip*  (this makes it frothy on the top-a must!)

The best creations are those spontaneous ones! From my cup to yours~ Enjoy!

Yeah.... I wish this is where I was when I made it.

Coffee CubBuster