The Graduate

Matt B. gettin a degree!

The youngest of the Blair's has finally received his college degree! Matt Blair after transferring to UGA (because of his amazing older sister who found a loop hole while working at the admissions office-- no I must take my secret to the grave.... wait I've told like everyone.... wait.... um.... okay this isn't me I'm talking about, he has another older sister I swear!!) I digress- Matt graduated with two bachelor's degrees in consumer economics and housing this past weekend, and my grandmother, sister, soon to be brother-in-law, dad, mom, step-mom, step-dad, step-sister, second and third cousins, neighbors, and Chloe all celebrated his accomplishment with a little wake boarding, eating, skiing, and eating some more. Matt certainly deserves the whole crew's appreciation and admiration. I am so proud of Matt, and I know he is SO excited that he now has to be self-sufficient since momma D reminded him of his rent check which will be due in 30 days. The real world is awesome isn't it Matt!
It's no dirt off Matt's shoulders though because he has decided to engage the perks of family connections. Matt will join as a third generation mover working for a branch of my mom's company Graebel. Look out movers, Matt Blair has jumped on the scene. Can't wait to see where the Lord takes him!  Congrats Matt! I'm SO proud of you! Hope you love commuting and waking up before the sun. Don't worry, you'll learn that joys of going to bed before 10:00.

Proud Parents

More Proud Parents

Soon to be Proud Parents in practice with little cousin Jackson

--Tired but Proud CubBuster


  1. I love to read this and hear your voice...your writing sounds just like you! bahaha!<-- that's for you katie b. Congrats Matt Blair!


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