30 days and counting

We are only 30 days away from the most monumental day of the entire calendar year. This day is one that may not necessarily signify its purpose, but it gives us a general time frame of which we can expect the start of.....apple-bobbing, pumpkin lattes-drinking, colorful mountain-viewing, crisp coolness-feeling, air-changing, mood-altering, hay-riding, gourde-carving, football-watching, turkey-eating, beauty-reveling, spices-smelling, bonfire-dancing, campground-making, leaf pile-jumping, amazing gift of Fall!

Mark your calendars folks. It may creep in weeks before, tease for a day or two before it return, or truly last, but September 23rd is the first day of Autumn, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!  I really think we should take a vote.... who thinks it should be a national holiday? I do!

This video is cute, but kind of creepy how the guy with the rake seems to be trying to really bury his children!


  1. OH MY GOOOOOODDDDDDNNNNEEEESSSSS I just got so excited reading this post. pumpkin lattes. geesh this better be the fastest 30 days EVER! haha


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