Archie comics

There's nothing like getting together with old friends to reminisce on your bad hair cuts, "mean girls" lunch room incidences, freezing out your college roommate stories (in your two by four of a room), and taking modeling pictures amongst your BFF's Archie Comic collection. Yes, that last one is absolutely true. It is with such reminiscence that accompanies a grand zip code alteration as with my dear long-time friend Alyssa. Alyssa and I met in the trenches of elementary school. No matter where life has created separate routes in our paths, we have always been able to come back together as if nothing has changed. She is a true blessing.
I am so excited to see Alyssa venture out to the Big Apple for her next big chapter in life. She will take with her a Masters degree in social work, an enthusiastic and compassionate personality, and many many good memories and best wishes from all who know and love her. Can't wait to visit Lyss! Love you girl!

(L-R) Lauren, Christie, Tionya, me and Alyssa reuniting to send our friend off with love.

Don't you love iPhone pics. Yes, there will be pedestrians crossing our lives Lyss, but no one will cross my path quite like you have!  CubBuster original quote thank you very much!