Mrs. Steven Shanks

So before I have even sipped on any type of glorious black single cup of joe this morning, I see my lovely sister calling me cell. Now at 8:00 in the morning this is a bit unusual for Nicole (who strolls into work at like 10 am everyday if she doesn't work from home), but I wasn't yet awake enough to handle any long stories that involved my input. Therefore, I had decided to call her back when my eyelids weren't half open. However, as I proceeded to open my gmail, I saw a message from her with an attached picture. Simultaneously I opened the email and darted for my cell. Thankfully she was still on the other end yawning impatiently. The timing was perfect! CONGRATS! I exclaimed. "Oh did you see the email?" She asked. Yep, it's a beautiful ring! When you described what you wanted before, I thought it was going to be kind of ugly, but that's actually really pretty. (I need to spend some time with the Lord in the morning before I speak to humans, or else I just say whatever comes into my mind!) Thankfully Nicole laughed and proceeded to tell me the whole story. She also made sure to mention her terrible nightmare the night before where I too got engaged and stole all her thunder. I assured her that she is both a wife and mommy before me-- it's her time to shine--just like that ring!
What I've learned so far today--
1. Always answer the phone if Nicole is calling before 10:00 because it's probably a big deal.
2. Make sure you take time with God every single morning!

Congrats Nicole and Stephen!

Just what she wanted-- a diamond shaped like a diamond.