The Atlanta summer heat is officially on us. It was a scorcher this weekend. So much so that my Dad and Kathy's dog Abbey had a little seizure from the heat exhaustion! Thanks to mr. slirppee I think she's doing okay now. We spent a nice little Father's Day afternoon in the park as my Dad was driving from Orlando to Memphis. It was great to see him and Kathy minus the heat!
Saturday Matthew and I got an early start and tried to ignore the sweat and focus on God's beauty. Atlanta Botanical Gardens and the Piedmont Park Green Market!  There's nothing like a little bit of nature to make you appreciate God's artistry. I've never been to the Botanical Garden before. It was like an amusement park for flowers and plants! I loved their new Orchid conservatory. I never knew there were so many different species of my favorite flower! Absolutely gorgeous! Even though it was a beautiful place, I'd still recommend going when it's a little less humid-- thankfully the Orchids were one of the few attractions in-doors (I knew I picked that as my fav for a good reason).  We also got to see a few wild frogs and quail running around while we were there. That night we enjoyed some great Green Market purchases- organic wheat, lemon and chive speghetti with organic homemade tomatoe sauce and parmesan, and a side of baked asparagus. Delicious!
Sadly, my folks took my camera on their yaught trip so none of these pics are organic. It was a great weekend though, and I wish it wasn't over-- back to school. :(  
At least I'm refreshed and ready to appreciate the week. Have a great one....    

~Your CubBuster


  1. Thanks for the Abby mention ... she's not fully recovered and probably never will (she is 12) but as long as she can have a good quality of life and spread the love she does so easily with her sweet soul and energy, we'll keep her around.


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