Some Ballroom, Una Boda, and a Beating!

Memorial Day weekend has left me a little sore, a little sleepy, but quite sprightly!

First, Matthew and I started out with some Groupon Ballroom dance lessons. Daza Dance was the mother place of our new and defined dance moves. We learned: Salsa, East Coast Swing, Tango, Waltz, and the Fox Trot. It's a whole other world that Ballroom dance culture, but one that I, of course, thoroughly enjoy, and one that Matthew has come to tolerate and maybe even appreciate. Maybe we'll be the pros on dancing with the stars next season!  Look OUT!
Next, we attended the beautiful wedding of one of my former Shepherd co-workers, Jackie and her new hubby Kevin Stackpole. The romantic ceremony was set in the midst of green vineyard rows under the shade of an oak tree at Chateau Elan. The ceremony that followed was majestic in the Cask room filled with the scents of wooden barrels, deep red grapes, and sweet wedding cake. The candle-lit room was intimate and sweet. The perfect setting for Mr. and Mrs. Stackpole. I must also send out my gratitude to Kevin for all his many years of service to our country. All who have fought for our freedom should be thanked not only on Memorial Day, but everyday.
Finally, we set off for good ole' lake lanier. The perfect setting for the Blair-Maupin crew. Big B and Little B were our guests this weekend, and couldn't have been a better fit with my crazy cranium family. We all had a ball! Got lots of sun, conquered the wake board (sorry Big B-- next time it will happen I know it!), traveled through the safari via jet skies, and remained on the winning cranium team! Go team Blue! It was a great weekend-- I am truly blessed.

           Jackie looked absolutely beautiful on her special day!

Pete and his beautiful wife Lucy

Big B with Little B--little B had no clue her life (and ankle) was about to be endangered!

Matthew and Blair had no clue what was about to happen! 
Chloe was ready to captain the boat.

We had a great time!

Check me out on the wakeboard!

Ha ha..... yeah right, maybe next summer I'll be there!

~Your wakeboard, slalom CubBuster