Wake up that brain!

This grad school thing has been crazy busy-- I think my MAT group has to constantly give ourselves pep talks or else we wonder why we are putting ourselves through this one year crazy program.

Although I must say, I think my IQ has increased significantly in the past month! I must have been losing brain cells when I was going through the motions of the "real world." Why do they call it that by the way?I mean were we just living in fakeville prior to college graduation. Am I back in some alternative existence now that I'm in school again? Very strange saying if you ask me. Speaking of which-- if you'd like to talk to me about the latest technology, how we can incorporate wikis, blogs, podcasting, social networking, and other digital media publishing elements, I'm game. Or, maybe you'd prefer to talk about the pedagogy, methodology, or various theories regarding our current curriculum and teaching standards, and how we can change how students are engaged and developing through education. Perhaps you've been dying to talk to someone about the developmental psychology of children and adolescents. I know you want to know about the various laws and amendments that have changed the environment of the classroom and the differentiation accommodations that are incorporated into lesson planning for various diversity and disorders of students that are strategically inclusive in todays schools. No? You don't want to? Well if by some chance you do-- I have all kinds of info! :)  It's awesome to stick to one topic in school and become a master in it. Hey, that must be why they call it a MASTERS degree-- man am I smarter!
I'm over half-way done with the summer session. Then I'll have a break before fall starts! Stick with me kids. It will be a quick ride. God is good, He gets me through everything. Hope you are challenged today. If you want to wake up that brain, here's some word jumbles courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.


Jun. 23, 2010
See if you can unscramble all of the following words. 
The clues follow the scrambled words.
Go for it!

NTERUVADE – Exciting Experience
ARBELEISM – Very Unhappy
CUYHBB – Pudgy
RMAEPTNIS – Flavor of gum
ARBRIRE – Obstacle
TAMAOLE – Breakfast Food
GMRTAUNE – Squabble
BHGERONI – Lives Nearby

Let me know if you get stumped and it drives you crazy-- there were a couple that I couldn't figure out, but couldn't go to bed until I did. Yes I'm that nerd!
--Word CubBuster