Anna's big adventure

 Ms. Dufresne, as her student's call her, moved to Charleston, SC today. She has only ever lived in the Atlanta area, so this big adventure is bound to bring new friends, new memories, and new growth. She was an amazing roommate for the past three years, and I will miss her dearly! But, I'm excited to visit her in such a beautiful little city. She'll be minutes from the beach! 
A-- I already hate not seeing you in the bathroom after you've already gone to bed and decide to sleep walk and have conversations with you that you don't remember the next day! I will miss our "popping" dilemmas, your awesome angel food cake, and watching you work it out to your shred video! I can't wait to hear all about your new students and new stories. I'm definitely going to need to call you and vent about rough days in the classroom. Can't wait to have spring breaks together!
Love you Anna Francis!  

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