Crest White Strips Please

Have you ever seen Old Yeller? You know 1957 feel good Disney flick? Okay... I'm sure many of you have, but I had the distinct pleasure of a first viewing last evening. Good ole Turner Classic Movies was broadcasting it and Matthew and I figured it was about time I had appreciation for another dog besides my own. Now I held it together and did not cry when Old Yeller got the disease-- hydrophobia. Um... definitely thought it was a made up disease, but it turns out they were just trying to be fancy pants. Poor dog just got rabies! He was rabid. Come on! And why didn't the mom or Travis need to get tested for rabies after touching Yeller with his blood all over him. I know I'm terrible.............I didn't even tear up, I'm such a terrible person! I was too busy critiquing teeth. :-|  I'm so bad! But really-- Three words, CREST WHITE STRIPS. They obviously didn't have them in the 50's but ma, pa, and pretty much all the other actors (did I mention Ma) could definitely have used them!
However, I would highly recommend this film. It's one of the few great ones of all time. I'm still in awe of the authenticity of the animal fights. How did they film all those farm animals and have Yeller (who I found out was purchased for the film for 3 dollars from an animal shelter) interact like he did for the script. That Yeller was a perfect cast. Well done casting director! He even had a real bear fight!
Also, if you loved the two young brothers, they also starred in one of my personal favorites, Swiss Family Robinson. I think I might rent that next!

Chloe would kill me if I tried this at home!

~Coffee CubBuster