Welcome to the walls Levi

Most people snap those precious, first baby photos between birth and two months of age. Well, our little Levi will finally get some wall time here at the Smith house now that we relished in a short, but very sweet, photo shoot thanks to our friend Morgan (www.photographymhc.com).

And thanks to my sweet friend Dana, I am hopeful that Levi will one day take a picture likes these sweet preemies too:
Little Things

Little Levi is doing well too...

- After a month with his leg braces on, we will see his orthopaedic doctor on Monday to check the progress. Hopefully we only have two months left of all day  brace wear!
- After a GI visit this week, it looks like much of our future progress is at our discretion, and with feeding specialists' guidance, Levi tried his first taste of what I affectionately call banana milk soup today! He's had a few drops of milk by mouth before but nothing else, so this was HUGE! While he gagged somewhere between eight and ten drops, we are so excited to move towards a realistic oral feeding goal. He will most likely bypass bottles and pacifiers all together, but hopefully with patience and prayer, Levi will eat normally one day!
-Levi now has two different hand splints, and while we see some great progress, he may need to have reverse constraint therapy in the distant future (constraining his strong hand so that he is forced to use his weak one. I mean why would he want to use a weak hand when the strong one is so much easier.)

Thank you for loving our family! We are so very thankful for each of you!



  1. Thank you for the pics and the post update, you have made my week!


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