When you don't know

I heard a story once about a man who had been sitting at a red light for what seemed like days. He was inching his way to the traffic light at snail speed trying to maintain his composure as he was already extremely late for a very important meeting. Finally, he only had one car in front of him. Suddenly the woman chose to get out of her car and rummage through the back seat. She was certainly trying to move quickly, but he couldn't believe that she chose that moment to grab something from the back. The light turned green, and she continued to scurry around in the back. He laid on the horn to give her a reminder of their current traffic situation, but she didn't budge. More cars began laying on loud honks as the woman was now holding everyone hostage at this horrific light. Finally, someone heard her scream for help beneath all the honking, and ran to her aid. Lo and behold, the woman had an infant who was choking in her back seat.

While this story has multiple morals, it certainly reminds me that we don't always know the full picture of our current state, even when we think we do.

This past weekend, Matthew and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. It could not have been more amazing. Not only did we get away to a nearby hotel for some rest and reconnection, but we finally took our first family selfie (minus our si-man).

As we continue to sit and wait on many "unknowns" with Levi, I think about that choking infant. I am constantly the man in the honking car wondering why someone can't seem to recognize my need to move. When in reality, God asks us to trust him whether "for better or worse, in sickness and in health, whether hungry or well-fed, in richness and in poverty, until our dying day," God asks us to trust Him even when we don't have answers. If we can pledge that to another human begin, why can't we trust the all-powerful and always loving God?

We need your prayers once again...
After experiencing several "episodes" in the last 48 hours, the doctor determined that Levi has "obstructive apnea." In other words, when Levi is not on his back or other airway obstructing position, and as long as he's not trying to swallow or gag, he needs NO additional oxygen. Thus, he's down to a 4 on the bubble CPAP! YAY!  However, he continues to choke, gag, and spit up or be placed in a position that seems to keep air from entering his lungs. His lungs are not the issure; rather, there is an anatomical issue that we need to figure out. Levi will see a pediatric ENT in the next 48 hours to assess the issue and hopefully come up with an easy solution. The doctor said that he not only has a small chin and jawline, but his great weight-gain could have caused these episodes to increase. As he approaches his 37 week gestational age, the doctors would have liked to see him have less apnea. The good news is that he seems to be making improvements on the strength and weight end, but the bad news is that his apea is becoming a more serious concern.

Please pray:
~For Levi's ENT appointment to go smoothly and for a non-surgical solution to be found
~For Levi's eye exam to go quickly and positively tonight
~For Levi's temporary "tongue splint" to help temporarily help with the apnea
~For patience and peace for our family as we continue to buckle down during this journey

Praise God Levi continues to get stronger in his limbs and his mobility. Praise God for the wonderful man I married four years ago. God knew we'd be able to weather this storm together with Him. And praise God for my sweet Silas that constantly brings me joy and love that lift my spirits.
Silas swinging with his BFF
Our sweet neighbors gave us their pool net that Silas can dunk for days! Thank you!
Love in Him,

~Honk if you can Wait Buster