Humble Comfort

It's funny how humans are such creatures of habit. We all know it. Take seating for instance: even if there aren't assigned seats, on day two of class, most people will sit in the same seat or same seating section as the day before. Do you sit in the same area at church? Dinner table? Or take toddlers as another example: once they have a semi-established routine, their feathers get pretty rustled when forced to adapt that routine (unless it involves cookies, ice cream, or the like.)

Likewise, even during an undesired life change, we quickly establish a new routine and get quite comfy, quiet quickly. I believe it all stems from our desire to control our own lives. If we have even the smallest grasp of future outcomes, we feel a bit more at ease with the present. Also, believing that we can predict our future to some degree puffs up our own pride feathers (whether we admit it or not). Recognizing that our perceived control is merely a mirage enables us to open our eyes to the definition of faith and humbles us enough to give others grace. Proverbs 27:1 says, "Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring." After you've been married, it's easier to think you have "marriage advice" to give. After you've hand babies, you subconsciously think you understand all newborns. Once you've made it through your children's teenage years, you think you can tackle the world. Once you've cared for someone with cancer, you may feel like you have a better grip on tragedy than someone who has not. While experience is certainly a wonderful teacher, I'm learning that humility should be my preferred goal. Even though this trek has felt long and hard at times, I still have so very much to learn. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, what it will be like to bring Levi home, or what hardships we may or may not face 5, 10, or 20 years from now. I'm sure none of this is new to anyone, but it's my own humble revelation that I don't want to forget when life becomes a bit more routine again. 

The past few days Levi has begun to act like a "term" baby! It's been amazing to praise God for every answered prayer! He's opened his eyes both times I've come to visit "hearing me" and showing me all that he's trying to learn. He's maintained great stats, tries to swallow without holding his breath, spit up on me and cried loudly immediately following that reflux (I've never been so happy to be spit on or cried at)! Its like he's starting to turn a corner. Since we don't know what tomorrow holds, we will praise God for today and say thank you for continuing to pray for our family!

Prayers and Praises below...

Woa! So you are my mommy!?


- Levi weighed 6 lbs 8 ounces last night!
 - Levi's heart echo came back clear, and that tiny PDA (hold in his heart from birth has almost entirely closed up on its own)
- Levi is clearly trying to swallow on his own even if it's hard
- Levi's neck strength looks to be improving!

- The ENT will come evaluate Levi at the beginning of next week
- The blood work results regarding some common muscular disorders should be back next week
- Levi's reflux and ability to swallow
- Levi's ability to continue to ween slowly off of oxygen
- Levi's future feeding capabilities
- Levi's continued hand and foot therapy

Thank you so so much!
~Comfy Buster