Memorial Staycation

I don't think I've ever stayed in Atlanta for Memorial Day or any of the warm weather holidays. We are always with family at the beach or lake. It is kind of strange how quiet it feels here, but amazing at how little traffic there is too! It's been one of the best staycations I've ever had!

Prayers were answered- rest for our family: a togetherness that only hardship could create. Laughter chasing Silas around the house, and even laughing at 2 am because Silas wet the bed when we realized Matthew decided to put him in pajamas without any pull ups! Camando is a side effect too much fun.... picnics in the parks, live music, dancing, and a special father and son trip to Lego Land while mommy got to be with her newborn at Northside! Moreover, Levi's doctor gave him a break this weekend. He remained on the same level of 6 on the oxygen "high flow." He got his two month vaccines though, so we were glad he had a break oxygen-wise in order to withstand the vaccine side effect. Also, one of the night nurses heard him "hooping and hollering" so loud that she thought it was coming from another floor. She said she highly doubts he has vocal cord issues! While we continue to wait on blood test results, a heart echo test tomorrow, and an ENT visit later in the week, we are just thanking God for such a great stretch of goodness! There's something about going through the tough stuff that truly makes life's simple moments unbelievable memories.

Lego Land apparently has one size 3D glasses fits all!

Little man's temp went up a bit after the vaccines, so they opened up his bed and he had nothing but a t-shirt on :)

Blowing all of you kisses.

 Please continue to pray for Levi's blood test results, heart echo (standard blood pressure check after remaining on oxygen for so long), weening off oxygen, ability to swallow, ENT eval later in the week, continued strength and muscle growth.

Levi is 6 lbs 6 oz! He's beautiful, growing, and nearing his supposed due date this coming Saturday! He's got a long way to go, but we are hopeful and trusting God with his life!

We are truly grateful for everyone who has taken time away from their own family and friends to serve our country! God bless you!



  1. Thank you for the update - praying for Levi!!


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