Days to remember

I love sliding with my daddy!
Mommy the snow is going to stick, I believe it!
I can't wait to walk in it... with your help of course.
Ha ha! Told you so!
Mommy I walked just like you!
Who knew Atlanta could get a snow storm after 60 degree weather a week ago
I loved seeing our first home with snow on it. A day to remember.
Definitely a moment to remember
Mommy I don't know about this snow thing. I think my butt is freezing.
Watching someone experience snow for the first time is an unbelievable thing
Time to let the snow melt and see what tomorrow brings.
It brought icy roads, and lots of beautiful snow.
It also brought Matthew home. He along with many others were stranded at work. We are thankful that despite the white beauty, we are safe and praying so many others in the south are safe and warm today.