Real Mommy

There are some markers I believe designate whether you are really a mommy or not. I have recognized, besides the excruciating pain and indescribable joy that I experienced when giving birth to our precious baby boy, that I really have crossed over into the realness of mommyhood.

You are a real mommy if, but not only if,

1. your favorite Christmas present is your new dustbuster
2. you don't mind getting a little drool in your mouth that belongs to your little person
3. you believe true love stems from sharing half eaten, mushy cheerios
4. you don't mind the new, improved 50 second rule with a justified scraping off any dust or debris
5. you think a good dust busting equates to a full vacuum, thus enabling the 50 second rule
6. you don't mind using ointment or vaseline as your new hand lotion
7. you are contemplating making your own children's songs album in your spare time
8. you call clothing clean if it passes the sniff test
9. you think your jeans and a white tee are now a symbol of fine dining attire
10. you would cut off your right hand and left foot for one more kiss from your little person

This robe is adorable, but it's only been worn one time because this little man gets crazy and rolls everywhere before bed. Can't keep his clothes on I tell ya!
A new found love for bath time
Titus (a.k.a Ti) meeting his new friend Silas, (a.k.a Si). I think they are BFF already!
Silas is just like his mommy: we both LOVE breakfast (and all other meals come to think of it)
Now that he's sitting up and standing a lot, Silas tends to fall asleep in all kinds of fun positions that would make a normal person say "ouch"
Turned around to find this little man standing up by himself for the first time!
Oh what one will do to see inside a toy trunk
He just looks like a future golfer doesn't he? Life father like son. (Watch him rebel against all things collared when he grows up!) Love you buddy!