What is time? It is something that cannot be truly defined because it is not real. It is simply a way to calculate duration. People have been trying to measure their existence for thousands of years. Whether through the waxing and waning of the moon, the trees dropping and budding their leaves, or the countdown to midnight as the annual date changes in January. Either way, it brings about a sense of nostalgia thinking about years gone by.
 Rather than think of the years past and things that I still want to do before I die, I want to live in the present moment, and rest in the notion that everything in this life is temporary, including time. I have eternity--never ending life--waiting for me when my time on earth comes to an end. Thus, I must live in such a way that matters, make choices that have eternal significance, and not worry about how to portray my moments to the world. Rather capture them in my heart. Whether 2014 is a tough year or an amazing year, I will count it a blessed year for the little moments that I'm given. Moments like these...

Silas saw his first "snow day" just a few flurries in our Georgia cold winter. Low temp of 4 degrees!
I love having my buddy to get excited about the flurries with me. Though he doesn't look too excited here.
This little monkey always knows how to make me laugh.
Silas' serious face. He is watching his sign language video. Gets him focused every single time.
He knew he looked cool with his faux-hawk.
This little nine-month old will be walking before we can say Si-man.


  1. love every moment shared with you! love you & miss you!



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