Granola coffee rap

There's no coffee in this homemade granola, but it sure goes well with some afternoon decaf coffee (which I now partake in almost every day- try Trader Joes or Fresh Market for the best kinds). I start making it every fall, and even though we are having a warm snap this week, it's a tradition that makes me remember the cool air is coming.
It's Giada's homemade cranberry nut granola recipe found here. I didn't have cranberry juice, but OJ works just as good (so do raisins if you're short on craisins... kind of changes the name a bit though).
Someone is already eager to feed himself.
I little too eager.
Kind of like his precious Texas cousin. Happy first birthday Tanner!
We tried on our other cousin's warm hat, but it was a bit snug. Thanks anyway Easton.
Dental hygiene is of the utmost importance around here.
Matthew asked Silas to trust him as he swung his long driver club over his mouth.  Yeah right. What kind of mother would I be!?!  He's not ready for that...  yet.
If you want to see this boy smile, all you have to do is rap. 
Seriously....he's straight up gangsta.
~Coffee CubBuster