I have been busily running around forgetting what really matters lately. Coffee matters. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread (that you make an extra batch of) matters. Leaving the house a mess so that I can just sit and belly laugh matters. Quiet moments with the Lord matter.

I have neglected to really think about others lately. I get my plan for the day, and I only let Silas, Matthew, or someone I know really needs help break me of that plan... usually.

Recently, I decided to just sit with my son and take in the moment as I felt like his little fingers and toes were growing before my eyes. When I asked him if he was hungry (we are working on sign language, and he actually knows "please"... hopefully a video capture soon), and he responded by putting both his little paws in my mouth and biting his toothless gums down on my nose. As I let out a belly laugh, he pulled back to try and understand what it was that I was laughing about. When he realized it was him creating the joy, he kept drooling on my face. Then he let out his own belly laugh. It was a moment that I'll never forget, nor will I desire to miss because some dirty dishes. 

This prompted another irregular change in routine. I decided to get up extra early and bake some bread for my sweet elderly neighbor whom I have spoken to only a couple times since we moved in. Just when her pumpkin spice bread finished cooling (of course I had to make some fall favorites), I opened my door to find her pulling in my driveway with some apple cinnamon bread she picked up in North Georgia, which she wanted to gift us.

Isn't God amazing? I felt Him in that moment and knew I had finally slowed down enough to be obedient and present in His perfect moments.

Oh and the Smith family made it on the news recently! We are kind of rebels, and I think we just didn't want Silas taking all the fame.
Check it out:
It was a birthday moment I won't forget.

We hiked even though we weren't suppose to. I don't think Silas is a rule breaker. Can you tell he's playing it cool?

Another great moment was showering baby Harvey recently.
What did we do before Pinterest? Nice work baby. Congrats again Brit and James!