Fresh Air

We took our first "family vacation" this past weekend to one of my favorite spots- North Georgia mountains during peak foliage!  It was great to get away from the city and day-to-day life for a couple days. Wish we could have stayed longer!
Too bad Silas was sleeping during this amazing pic. I mean this tree was straight out of a painting, and of course we went to L.L. Beanery (Twice in one day) seen just behind me.
Matthew now wants a Chiminea after enjoying one at the cabin. It actually put off a lot of heat.
The sun set just over the mountains every night. It was beautiful.
The new Smith clan
We went on some great hikes while we were there too.
Silas rocked his first pair of shoes to keep those toes warm. He looked ready to hike...
But approximately two minutes later was dead asleep.
We visited an apple picking farm too. It was a little past season though. All the good ones were already picked off. We did get to experience "pig racing" while we were there though. It was redneck paradise.
I think he started to get used to being carried around by daddy.
This is Silas' I'm half asleep face. Or I'm going to kill you face.
I told you... redneck paradise. Silas was ready to drive.
First pumpkin patch! I think everyone with a child went there for pictures. They actually had signs that read- "You sit on it, you buy it. "
So we bought and then sat.

Silas LOVED his pumpkin.
When we got home, I couldn't wait to try on another pair of shoes someone gave us. I don't think he cared all that much though.
Then we opened a package from Gramma. Now we are ready for Halloween and Winter! Thanks Gramma!
~Blue Ridge Buster