Snuggle please?

Lately my little man has loved to snuggle. Here he just woke up...
Here he's too tired to even sleep. :(
Got to shower another BFF with baby love. Anna, to the right of me, will have sweet Caroline in October! Love having all these new babies in the world.
The "Moby Wrap" was great when Silas was small, but it is just a lot of material to deal with now, so I got a deal on this great little sling that I hope I can always use when I can put Silas on my hip.
In an effort to help our man sleep (now that he wants to be awake and roll), we are now permanent tummy sleepers. This angle looks bad. I promise he isn't on his face, nor is he ever at risk. It's just a weird camera angle. He is a strong little man that loves his Nano and George (also pictured here).
We had a snap of cool weather last week. Pants in July... I couldn't believe it. It was almost time for a fall shout-out, but a little too soon. I think Silas is going to love Fall just like his mama.
I started back to work at a part-time teaching job. It's hard to figure out a routine and balance for the work, but a true blessing and growth builder all the same. I love my sweet middle schoolers, but my friend Caitlyn babysat during my first day and sent me this picture, which just about killed me. I missed him even for a few hours!
I can't believe we've only been in our home for two months, and our precious boy has only been alive for 4.5 months. A lot has occurred in a short amount of time. I would not have been able to handle all these life changes at once without the steady support of my Lord and my Hubby. I'm truly blessed. Who could ask for anything more?