A week of firsts

First time in the "woombie" Starting to sleep better... good transition: movement without arms getting out. Woombie: the closest thing to the womb. :)
I think he likes it... for now. He still brings his arms up, but maybe in another month he'll be ready for arms out without hitting himself. He's like a fish out of water.
First time on a plane. We went to Dallas for 5 days for a work conference. Silas cried a bit when we got on, and he thought why am I not in my crib for nap time? Then a bit when his ears popped, but other than that he did great.
First time sleeping in another crib. Thanks to my brother in-law (whose hotel we happened to stay in), Silas had a nice little crib to sleep in.
First time he's starting to enjoy naps without the pacifier. (Gotta keep it close by though.)
First time in the Ergo. I think he likes riding this way.
First time in a pool. My sister took us all to her community pool in Dallas. You can see my nephew jumping in beside us. He didn't seem to understand the importance of the momentous occasion. Silas seemed to really enjoy the water. He'll be doing laps before you know it.

~First CubBuster