Transition Time

Once upon a time there was a little girl with naivete and purity of spirit. She dreamed of making the world a better place. Her dreams included as few changes as possible; she wanted to live simply as a wife and mother, and she hoped she could make as many people smile along the way as possible. She soon discovered that the world held harsh realities, dystopian complexes, and curve balls should couldn't avoid. She also learned that the changes and trials in life were actually blessings disguised. This truth aided in her ability to view the world through lavender lenses instead of rose-rimmed ones.

Soon, she would face the impurities of her own nature: she cared more about the opinions of others than she ever wanted to admit. She believed the cultural lies she was daily fed, and her sense of purpose teetered on uncertainty.  Before she knew it, she was caught up in the temporal temptations and earthly extras that hoard so many homes. Thanks be to her Lord, she was never more than a stones-throw away from being pulled back to the core of truth. Thus, she began to rest easy, peaceful in her identity in Him. She welcomed her new lot and sought to let go of her own plans each day.

This same girl, now a wife and mother, embraced her new job of parenting and prepared for the exciting new doors that were sure to open for ministry, work, and life.

With a baby arriving any time, my last day of full-time teaching this week, and closing on our first house this week, I could easily freak out as I may have many years ago. Yet, I am resting easy, excited about the new adventures God has planned. He has protected my planning heart from over-thinking, and I feel so humbled by such blessings this year. As I prepare for the amazing Easter season, I am thankful I have a God who bears all my burdens and takes me through all of life's new challenges. "We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us."  Philippians 4:13