Final Stretch

I had a blast with my some of my best girlfriends this weekend. It was my last shower (probably ever... I'm now married with a baby due in a few weeks!) Sniff... sniff.... I'm so old... well, I am excited to shower all these other girls. I love an excuse for all of us to get back together!

These sweet friends, Marg, Brit, Linds, and Anna, and one missing, my old-roomie Kace, threw a wonderful shower that was perfect for me. It was at LOTH- one of my favorite coffee shops. I mean how much better could it get for the Cubbuster?

There were several other mommies in the room with their precious girls too. Caitlyn's first little girl Evie was a great baby.

I loved seeing Katherine! It's been too long girl. She thinks we're having a girl too!
Laur, T, Chris, and Ky all came. It was a college dorm reunion! Love it!

My precious new friends, Lindsay, Chrissi, and Jill have showered me with love and prayers this past year. I am so grateful for them!

I have no clue why I'm making this face, but I loved all the new books for baby Smith! As the English teacher, I hope our baby can read early! :) We'll practice every night.... Matthew will probably practicing with an abacus. We'll have our little dork one way or another.

It's always strange to have people watch me open gifts. It's just humbling to have so much love! Can't wait to use our high chair in the years to come! Thanks girls!

Everyone tried to guess how "big" my bump was (in other words, how fat I've become in the last eight months.) A few think I'm bigger than I look, but thankfully a few think I'm smaller! :) It's all worth it.

Lots of baby girls were around me this weekend. Is that saying something? Well they almost got me to share the names! I'll do anything if you call it a "game." Almost 35 weeks... just a couple weeks before I'm full term. Crazy. Can't wait to meet you Baby Smith

Thank you to all who showered us with love and gifts these past few months. We are beyond blessed. To Him be the glory!

~Blessed Buster


  1. Can't wait to meet Baby Smith! You are looking great girl <3



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