660 Rounsaville Rd.

I must be a glutton for punishment, or multi-tasking. When I was finishing my Masters, I was also looking for a place to live, trying to find a job, planning my wedding, and then moving. Hmmm... I really like to throw all my life changes into one bundle. Maybe it's just easier to handle them that way. 
Now, Matthew and I should be announcing the newest member of our family any day, plus we closed on our first home this week and both have taken on new careers in the past few months (mine involves raising my own child instead of others').

We are so thankful to have found the little gem, even if it does need a lot of work.
Right off of Crabapple in sweet Roswell, it's a great neighborhood and kind of surreal that we own this little ranch!
I kind of hated it when I first saw it. I mean it's flesh-colored with green shutters and church like windows. But the potential is crazy. Stay-tuned for the "after" photos.
We will be able to work on the house over the next couple months before moving in. I think even I would go insane trying to become a mommy and renovate a home all at the same time.
Matthew contemplating all the joyous days of one acre lawn mowing in his future. (Don't you just love our green deck?)
Nine months pregnant and ready to meet our little one. We can't wait to bring him or her into our first house.
As stressful as it could be to tackle all these "firsts" at once, God's peace and perspective will keep us focused on what really matters. Remember His sacrafice this time of year and nothing else really seems to matter. We are truly blessed!



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