More Java Please

As your Coffee Connoisseur, I believe it is important to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest java trends and all it's multifaceted uses! As previously mentioned, one of my favorite date nights is to roam around the Fresh Market smelling and viewing all the newly brewed beans and of course sampling the free cups (yes that's plural) of joe alongside of a cookie pairing... or two.... or maybe three.  I absolutely love the barrels of beans, but I wonder if the owner has an employee keeping a close eye that I don't accidentally breathe in a mouthful!

Do you think there are cultures that would let me bathe in a barrel of coffee?

This is a must buy! Fleur de Sel Carmel, which means "flower of the sea " also known as sea salt with a hint of carmel flavor! SO GOOD!!!

I made a great recipe from Betty Crocker (who would of thunk it!).  Espresso  rubbed pork loin! It's a combination of espresso, garlic, salt, pepper, and light brown sugar.

It turned out great! But I think I needed a bigger loin cause it got a bit dried out.  Next up will be cappuccino brownies!

Matthew and I are about to leave for a week long mission trip to Ecuador, and with predicted Atlanta temps of 105-110 with NO rain, I was concerned about my outside plants. I found this great idea on someone else's blog (I'm pressed for time and don't remember the website, so I can't give credit at the moment... sorry! You know who you are, that's all that matters.)

You fill a bottle (coke, ketchup, wine, etc.) with h2o and stick it in the soil. The water will slowly dispense as the dirt gets dry. Such a cool idea! I'll have to see if it worked when I return!

~ Have a blessed espresso week!