And so it begins...

I'm finally kicking into summer mode. No longer feeling some strange pressure to plan curriculum for next year. Where's the faith? I've instead used my natural Coffee energy to enjoy things I've wanted to do for a while:  i.e. I've read two books (finished the HG series!  So good, yet such an abrupt ending... sad), I've begun the guest room furniture project with the help of my lovely friend and sister- Su Hodges of Su Hodges Interiors, and I've done some great cooking and experimenting in the kitchen!  I love SUMMER!

I can't wait to give this room a full makeover!
Slow and steady saves the bank.
How much better does she look!
Who needs Starbucks. I call this the CB's Frappe. Delish!
Recipe is easy if ya want it.
I finally plucked my own homegrown tomato!
It was just a tasty as it was attractive!
This was my own creation. Unbelievable too! (prob. even better cause I was starvin when I ate it)
Marinated Tilapia (onions, garlic, red pepper, EVOO, lemon juice, thyme, salt and pepper)
Next, lightly sprinkled with whole wheat flour, Pan seared, on a whole wheat tortilla topped with fresh mango and avocado. MMMMmmmmm. Oh and don't miss the star tomato cut up and peppered for taste!

~ DroolingBuster