Jewel Mackenzie Lott

One of my best friends is expecting her firstborn this fall! I loved having a precious reason to get together with my girls and shower Marg with baby love!

The quality of this pic is sad, but the soon-to-be mama is not!
Little Jewel will be here in September!
(L-R) The hostesses: Pink, CB, Linds, Martha, Mary Margaret
The food and decor came together perfectly.

This baby carriage could only have been made by an engineer because he felt the need to make the baby sit in the perfect middle. Thanks James- I heard Edible Arrangements is hiring if your interested
Lindsey's home in Memphis was a great middle location for all of us spread over the U.S.
So blessed to still feel so close to so many of my high school so BFFs: didn't that sound like I was still in high school? Like totally! LHS!
Marg is one of those people you want to kick because your jealous of her cute preg-ness, but then you think about how awful it would look to kick a pregnant woman.
I can't wait to meet you little Miss Jewel! Sorry I wanted to kick your mom.