Long Drives & Long Pauses

  Not having had a summer break in a long time, my super A-type personality has struggled to actually let myself enjoy it. I feel this unnamed pressure to keep preparing for my next year (a teacher's work is never done you know), plus there are a million "things" I want to do/enjoy/see during my short 6 weeks at home. However, I realized after driving a long trip to East Tennessee for Matthew's long drive tournament, that God just really wants me to seek Him and grow in Him this summer. It is an amazing opportunity to trust Him instead of trying to plan myself to death, which ultimately is me trusting in my own abilities. Thus, I have had some great time with my hubby this weekend as he took a long weekend away from work for a long driver event, and some great time taking my own long pauses to write down the beatings of my heart (I'm an English teacher okay... I can't help it!)  

I'm such a groupie!
Absolutely perfect weather! 
Sadly this wasn't the winning swing, but we still had a blast together on the road trip!
With several cups of java in hand, I've had time to write:

To die is to live. 
Thus, if we naturally, in our state of true clarity and betterment, desire to "live", 
making any person's nature selfish,
we must seek daily death to self, which is the exact opposite of our initial instincts of self concern.

Our very gifts and talents given by our one true Creator 
are the very elements that can be used by the true enemy to pull us away from the Creator.
As Paul acknowledges the single greatest internal conflict experience by man, these paradoxes of life
seem ever present.
Thus, the enigma of the meaning behind "paradox".

As with all dilemmas, focusing too closely on the stumbling block only increasingly magnifies the perception of the block. 
Instead, keeping our eyes on the Cross, on our eternal destiny, on God's infinite power and strength
diminishes the block to such a speck that we forget its existence.

~ Coffee CB