The gift of the year

Celebrated a belated birthday dinner with Scotch and his new beloved gift= 
The Firepot
It was so popular not only with Scotch, but every single passerby at the restaurant. 
(if we get you a gift this year, it will probably be the firepot... just a heads up)
We also got some good R&R with the rents and Chloe at the lake for a few hours.
You can see Clo's gettin a bit grey around the face, but don't let it fool you, she'll still run off the dock to chase ducks!
Aw... I love them so.
We ended our Saturday evening with a fun Jewish wedding. Matthew's co-worker (not pictured here), tied the knot at Villa Christina. It was a blast!

And it was beautiful as seen by one of many gorgeous center pieces!