Busy bee

As summer begins blazing, it is strange that I start the season with a head cold. I think my health is finally catching up with my life. Never having to take a sick day this year, I can't really complain. I simply get to rest as I start my first summer break since I myself was a student. It's certainly been a busy couple of weeks...
Who said you can't grow large veggies without a yard?
I made some yummy low-fat blueberry muffins!
This recipe from Pinterest was awesome!
It's actually two recipes I rolled into one: blackened chicken with avocados and a fresh mango dressing
My smart students rolled the wrong house (a different Mrs. Smith, go figure!)
Thus, my co-workers found out and thought it would be funny to roll my classroom on the last day of school. It was really funny.
We had a fabulous start to Memorial Day in St. Simons (prior to the cold taking root)
We had one great day at the beach before the tropical storm rains hit.
We celebrated Aunt Dell's bday with the St. Simons family. 
You can't really see it here, but there was a double rainbow in the sky just before the terrible tropical storm hit the island. Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel even showed up on the beach!