First Anniversary!

I can't believe a whole year has flown by. If I had to use one word to describe the past year, it would be... blissfully-blessed. Okay, it's not really one word, but I hyphenated it.
Truly, I am just in awe of God's blessings poured out on our lives. Matthew and I were able to reminisce, relax, and reconnect at Tybee Beach last weekend to celebrate our anniversary. My mom's BFF gave us a temporary stay at her beach house as a wedding gift, and we knew it'd be a great plan to save it for exactly one year later!

It's like it was yesterday! 
This was the view from the back porch!
The weather was perfect!
I was feeling a bit artistic!
(Matthew and I have opposite feet, mine are small and wide, his are big and narrow. It's the perfect match!) :) 
We Smiths love a little competition, and we can't just sit and veg, so we played our favorite beach game - golf holes (we need a better name though). As you can guess, there are two holes about 10 yards apart and you try to get your balls in the opposite hole by tossing or rolling them. It's truly a gentleman's sport!
We ate like royalty too! We made french toast, grits and scrambled egg-whites almost every morning.
Time to read and drink tons of coffee together on the porch was one of my favorite parts!
I was beating Matthew the whole week!!!
Freshly caught seafood made for a great dinner one night!
This is the Robertson's unbelievable 3 story beach house!
We could walk out of our place, over the bridge, and onto the beach!

We had such an amazing time. Thank you Robertsons!
I am the most blessed woman on the planet, and I want to thank God for the gift of my husband every day of my life!



  1. You two are a lovely couple and it was our pleasure to share our home! Happy Anniversary!!

    Bill and Patty


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