Parents' Raise

We spent 13 hours in the car this past weekend! Matthew and I will spend many an hour playing our "Guess that Station" Pandora game this summer with all of our road trips planned (no we aren't boring old people by the way, we are actually like fun elementary school aged children!)
Yet, the long hours this weekend were worth it to see Sarah Jane graduate from UNC! She's off to save the world with her nursing degree. And maybe have a little party (sorry, I'm on a poetry unit at work right now).
When asked how excited my mom and Scotch were to have finally helped their 5 children get through college, Scotch joyously responded, "We got a raise today! It feels great!"

I'm so proud of Sarah, and we are blessed to have been a part of her big day. She's worked so incredibly hard, and I hope she enjoys the "real world" everyone keeps talking about. Can I have free medical procedures now that we have a nurse in the family?