Itchy Fingers & Itchy Feet

This post is not about the random rash that has sprung up on my calf, wrist, and stomach.... okay, yes I need to make a dermatologist appointment, but it's finals week at work okay! I'll get to the peculiar red bumps after all the grading, pulling out my hair, and crying over Senior good-byes.

No....this time of year starts up my itchy feet and fingers! I am dying to get on the dance floor, take some studio classes, and break out my Flash dance as I sweat to my oldies. Plus my hands just can't find enough recipes. I've made it through the crazy spring busyness and want to start cooking all kinds of stuff! Matthew has assured me that he is encouraging me to flex both my feet and kitchen muscles. Although he seemed more than happy to encourage the kitchen stretching a bit more because he would love to be my taste tester!

He also won the local Long Driver qualifier in Greenville this weekend! Road trip #2 was a quick one, but totally worth it!  Watch out America Smith is coming!

Mmm.... I can smell dinner. Gotta run...Here's the new recipe we are trying out tonight from my girl Giada.