How to paint your face on...lesson 1

After my friend Lindsey rang in the new year in Atlanta, she was gracious enough to accompany me to a "make-up lesson." As many of you know, I haven't quite found a close relationship with any possible mainstream misses like Mary Kay, Loreal, or Cover Girl. My closest relationship has occurred with a funny contraption that hugs my eyelashes together to make them salute you proper.
So... I was excited to get a lesson for my potential wedding makeup. Needless to say, I feel like I'm a real woman now. I bought a couple staples, and my skin seems to like this organic line--Aveda. I wear significantly less than was brushed onto me during the lesson, but hey, I'm a naaturraalll woooooooman. Aretha knows what I'm talkin bout!

Um... is she trying to glue that foam to her eye?
This was one the first coat of paint yall

Wait, I'm suppose to "line" my eyes and lips??
Who has time for that when you eat like me?
Lindsey was so serene.
It was like watching a foreign film.
I was peaceful and learned so much.

What did I learn from this experience you ask?

1. Makeup is meant to "enhance" what you already have going for ya. 
2. You can experiment and have fun if your daring, and if you frequent raves.
3. Learn what looks best on you from a professional, then knock it down to like 50 percent of that for everyday makeup wear.
4. Your makeup should speak to your personality or how you feel on any given day. So if I'm sick or feeling blue, don't expect to see me with any makeup on, alright!
5. Wear organic makeup if you have sensitive skin. It's worth the price!
6. Just know that God already thinks your stinkin beautiful, so don't worry about all the other pizazz. It's just for fun.

~The CubBuster , now officially a WOman