Snow days and Sick days

God must have been sick of me whining about missing out on the Christmas snow that took place without me, so He just showed me how much he loves me with LOTS of snow the past couple of days. We got about 6-8 inches here in Atlanta Sunday night into Monday night. Unfortunately, a layer of ice made it a little tough to make snow angels and snow(o)men, but Matthew, his brother Kevin and his friend Helen and I all had fun trekking around in the snowing beautiful park.
Come to find out, my mother, sister and Steven have all been battling a 24 hour stomach bug during the snow days, and Matthew also spent the night in the bathroom feeling miserable. I guess if we are all going to be cooped up in various homes we might as well take our sick days with our snow days. I'm just praying my immune system can hold out so that I feel okay my first week teaching. Here's to Flintstone vitamins, Airborne, and echinacea!  Hope you are feeling good and enjoying God's white gift. What is it about snow... it just makes everything quiet, pretty and serene. That is until you accidentally step in a pile of yellow snow!
Matthew couldn't wait to measure Sunday night.
We were already at 3 inches... if you can't tell.
It was really coming down in chunks!
A hole I dug out from the back of my car.
Headed to the park!
If you're going to be stuck in doors, do it with those you love!
Kevin and Helen were super prepared for the winter storm of 2011
These guys were building ramps and jumping them in their canoe!
Aint he cute!
Poor thing is sick as a dog now :(
Um... this was kind of painful.
As you can see I could barely move the top layer of ice with my legs.
I was like a big ole sack of potatoes. Lucky I didn't bruise like a peach.
don't tell me I can't get on that stump. yes I can! watch me,
this former gymnast loves a challenge!
May we have many more snow days in our near future!

Stay warm and dry kids, and pray for those who aren't!

~The CubBuster