Happy 2011

This will be a year to remember for sure. With all the births, weddings, and career changes, 2011 is bound to be an excellent year for the Blair/Smith family. I was blessed enough to ring it in with some of my favorite people. Lindsey and her friend Adrienne came into Atlanta, and Brittany, James Matthew and I had a blast with them at a great restaurant Two Urban Licks when the clock struck twelve. Actually we only got seated because my fiance has a last name commonly confused with others. We really didn't take someone seat on purpose, but upon stating the entire Smith party was present, we were seated as if we were VIP guests. Our waitress didn't seem to happy to be working though, nor did the woman serving us late night beverages at Cafe Intermezzo later on in the evening. Come to think of it, some people might think it wasn't a great evening at all, but when your company is that which I had, it seems like a perfect evening despite the attitude of those around you. :)   I had a blast girls! Thanks for being you!!!
Happy 2011 everyone!  May God bless you and keep you as you begin a new year!

Um.... yes..... He wore this with pride!!
Thank you James Harvey!

~ 2011 CubBuster