Great ground sleeping

Don't you love it when you have the perfect temperature in your room to go to sleep, it's just cold enough to put on all the covers and not sweat, but not too cold that you can't move around and freeze to death if they come a little bit off. There's silence except for maybe a faint note of a river or breeze in the air. You awake to the most beautiful view when you step out of your room and see the day that the sun has exposed.
Okay..... this was exactly how it felt in Helen this weekend! I slept so great (until my bladder was about to implode, and I had to rustle myself to the outhouse -it sucks being a girl sometimes-- you can't really pop a squat once the sun has risen) on the ground too! The weather was perfect, we had plenty of blankets to make a great sleeping pad, and the cool breeze made the fire that much more inviting. I love camping in the fall!!!! Seriously, if the idea of sleeping on the ground doesn't appeal to you, try it my way--lots of padding, and a river near by to wash your face and brush your teeth!  I even flossed before bed and threw it in the fire when I finished. Is it legal to burn floss?