Blueridge Part 2

Sorry this is so delayed; I know that you have been waiting on pins and needles to find out how the Blueridge day ended. As you can see from my previous post, I've had a little distraction!
Well, after cow-milking and apple-picking, Matthew and I went into the quaint little downtown Blueridge square. What is it about squares that just get me going? If they were circles would they still have the same appeal? Maybe if I was a math person I'd love visiting octagons, but I'm an English person, so I gotta keep it simple. Although, this downtown area felt more like a rectangle. Nonetheless, I loved it! We HAD to stop at L & L Beanery Cafe and Coffee Shop, which is so amazing because mom and pop coffee is the best kind, and an establishment that still does not have their own website is probably going to have coffee that blows your mind. And it did! Then we ate an early dinner at this perfect little cabin just before hitting the local drive-in theater to watch the new movie Wallstreet 2. The whole day felt like I stepped back into the 1950s, and I just loved it! 

I was a little hyped on small town charm and L&L coffee!
They had trains parked downtown!
Yep, I'm hanging upside down on this train!
This was our dinner spot! I loved it!
These were what people drove to the drive-in!
Matthew's Toyota Camry didn't really fit the setting
Grease anyone?
Oh and we drove up to see the actual Blueridge mountains!

Aw Blueridge..... I miss you already! 

~Your CubBuster