3D Baby

Since Easton is suppose to grace us around Christmas,
we had a theme party with Nicole's nursery colors!

It was a whirlwind weekend jam packed with flown in family, food-o-plenty, a 3-D baby photo shoot, more food, games, party people, oh and a little more food as people partied. I think we were all doing a warm up for the upcoming holiday eateries--Halloween candy is just the appetizer meal before the main course at Thanksgiving and the late night snacks at Christmas.
My sister's baby shower and engagement party were hits. Debbie Maupin, of course, had a little competition to keep the party rolling, and Nicole was excited about all her matching monkey, truck, and circle garb for baby Easton.

Speaking of my nephew.... so, some MIT guys (well I don't actually know who, but I'm guessing some smarty people) have developed a way to see your baby in a creepy 3-D fashion. Poor Easton was just trying to take a nap as the sonogram lady started shakin him around, so he would give us a better show. After rattling Nicole's stomach for like ten minutes, Easton actually gave us the finger! It was classic! I know how you feel Easton. I hate getting woken up before I'm ready.
Good thing I didn't give Matthew the finger when he woke me up for the proposal morning!

Well, I must give a shout out to the lovely ladies that made the whole weekend as smooth and fun as butter on a slip and slide-- Thank you Patty, Wendy, and Debbie Maupin! You guys really should start a party planning company. I couldn't have done it without you!
My party would've consisted of a few balloons on the mailbox and maybe a game that involved smelling a diaper or passing out toilet paper. Something gross that people play at these kinds of parties.
Anyway... I hope Nicole and Steven and Easton had fun. Love you guys!

Nicole and her BFFs try their hand at a Debbie Maupin classic

Nicole just looked awesome;
I'm so happy for her and Steven!

--Worn out CubBuster