Before you say I do....

If you haven't already heard..... I have the absolute honor of becoming part of the other 2.5 million (actual stat) Smiths in America!!!! My last day of being 25 was one of the best days of my entire life.  God blessed me with my first gorgeous sunrise.
Yes, I have never in my life watched a sunrise. Before you call me a lazy college bum, know that I've been awake before Mr. Sun says good morning many a time, but I've never before gone somewhere to actually watch it peak slowly above the Earth's horizon. It was an actual miracle to see the day begin with such a brilliant work of art.
Then, to my unbelievable surprise Matthew presented me with one of the most amazing gifts a girl could receive that early in the morning-- a cup of coffee!  Oh and also an engagement ring. Things were a little hazy and dream-like, but I know there was a beautiful letter, God's beautiful word, and some insane women who like to jog at the crack of dawn and were the first people to know about our engagement!

There truly aren't words to express my joy right now. Matthew and I are nothing short of a real life miracle. God makes all things new! Nothing is too difficult for the Lord. He has blessed us beyond understanding, and I can't wait to spread all the love I'm bursting with right now to anyone I come across!

These pictures don't do the beauty any justice at all, but trust me when I say...
Little sleep is worth the beauty I saw!
Soon to be- Mrs. Smith CubBuster!


  1. OH WOW!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord for what He has done and is doing! So excited for you guys! :) Yay!


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