Throw it together?

So my mom called me while I was grocery shopping and asked if I could "start" or "throw" together the various colored tomatoes in the fridge, add some fresh mozzarella and maybe add basil.... "like a big salad or something-- I need to take it to a party to feed like ten people! I mean if you can just get it started that would be a BIG help."
She was a bit rushed if you can't tell by the request. So I (also in a rush) chose not to use my recipe for homemade balsamic syrup from my Everyday Italian cookbook (which would have started my creative juices in the kitchen and I'd be late for my date), and instead did exactly what she asked. I chopped up various colored tomatoes including Roma, grape, beefsteak, off-the-vine, and yellow tomatoes. I coarsely chopped some fresh basil and fresh flat leaf parsley, diced up the fresh mozzarella (two packs of Sargento), add it all to the tomatoes and drizzled with already made Lite Balsamic and Basil Vinaigrette.
I did more than start the dish-- I made it, and I didn't even have time to try it, but a little bird called momma said it was FANTASTIC! I believe she said, "I love having someone who can actually cook and whip together something when I ask!" I don't think that was meant to jab Scotch. :)

No go whip up something easy-- Enjoy!