Easton Kelly Shanks, the name of my new little nephew! My big sis, Nicole, is going to be a mommy, and I can't wait for little Easton to come in to the world. He is scheduled to arrive on Jesus's b-day, but Nicole is determined to bring him in sooner or later than that date, and we all know when Nicole wants something, she figures out a way to get it. :)
I don't care when he gets here, I'm just excited to be an Aunt! I'll be throwing Nicole's baby shower this fall, and I welcome ideas for shower games and themes. I already heard a cute idea of serving beverages in little baby bottles! How cute! You can make ANYTHING cute when its little and revolving around an infant. Take diapers for instance. What's with those games where you put different things in diapers and ask your guests smell the buttocks portion and determine what the smell is. Gross!! But still most everything having to do with babies is SO cute!
Congrats Nicole and Stephen! See you for Matt's graduation this weekend! Love you already Easton! Can't wait to meet you!


  1. So being an aunt is one the BEST things in the world! I am not a mommy yet so this is all I have and if it really is better than being an aunt, I can't even begin to imagine! I love hearing Aunt Lou! Congrats to you and your fam! BTW it was SO great seeing you Sunday! I wish we could bump into each other sometime and have longer than a few minutes. Hope you are having a fabulous week! :)

  2. so I thuroughly enjoyed this post, however I was a little disturbed at the last picture of the bird trying to naw the baby's foot...i think i'm going to have nightmares! haha :) Congratulations aunt cubbuster!!!


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